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    BMSTUDIO s.r.l. Progetti Integrati is composed by six areas that are coordinated by an Executive Architect.

    The sections are divided into:

    –        Architecture – City Planning

    –        Transports Engineering

    –        Civil Engineering

    –        Plant Design Engineering

    –        Interior Architecture

    –        Specialized Activity

    –       Work Management

    –        Accounting

    –        Tests / Trials


    BMSTUDIO Progetti Integrati s.r.l. is a Network Partners section and it shares many activities with them. It also belongs to a highly qualified consultant and correspondent network.


    BMSTUDIO Progetti Integrati s.r.l, thanks to the Network Partners and different collaborators, is able to express highly level qualifications in order to take part in

    International and European tender notices.


    BMSTUDIO Progetti Integrati s.r.l. operates in the following areas:

    –        Romania

    –        Balkans Area

    –        Poland

    –        Kazakhstan

    –        Emirate